The Story
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    I was born on a distant Saturday afternoon, during a thunderstorm, the son of a misplaced accountant & visionary philanthropist father, and a disquieted artist mother.
    Grew up in always evolving and carefully constructed paracosms, slotted into a real world where navigating a misconceived essential nature provided the building blocks for an attempted fulfilled life.

  • Seeking

    With a profound interest in everything in the world around, I am  a storyteller at heart, always sharing discoveries, ideas and the things I make and do with more words than necessary.  Emboss the world  with what I had discovered.

  • Learning

    I studied philosophy and went into the IT and then web, as one does with a degree in philosophy. I evolved into a digital business strategist with my brainchild Integral BrandDNA in my arsenal. I also get to live out my creative desires with graphic design, photography, videography, ad design and image compositing.

  • Making

    A maker of things from an early age; I try my hand at everything and anything. From carpentry, metal work, sewing, concrete casting. I like to cut and shape and assemble, always with unique design in mind, create furniture and accessories as sculptural pieces.

  • Enjoying

    I love plants all around and fill whatever space I have with as much green and bright flowers as I can. It’s rewarding when growing them from seed, stems and cuttings they thrive and flourish. Their only natural predator being a certain cat who clumsily knocks them over and off wherever they are perched.

  • Exploring

    I go on a van adventures with my Caddy, Van Diesel, camp and hike, hunting for vistas and views and places to settle under the stars.

    I am not much of a baker but I love cooking and baking bread I can do many in many variations, especially on an open fire. Where I go, rain always happens so travelling with a good book is important.

  • Jousting

    Now, I’m transiently caught in the battle of my life, fighting off the most nefarious of attacks a body can face. Vigilant and valiantly wrestling to prevent a cancer of the body to invade as a cancer of the mind, so far so good, although chemo is a really tough thing to endure.