Free from matter

by | Oct 17, 2021

Matter, noun
Be of consequence, have meaning, implies something, has influence and considered of value.
Substance – what physical objects consists of are composed of

I will do nothing, there is nothing I have to do about it. 

It will only matter if we make it matter. Which we tend to do all the time. Giving something the benefit and opportunity to be of consequence, have influence over our thinking and everyday being.

We don’t have to do that, in fact, we shouldn’t do that. Life things tend to get too much privilege to weigh, sway and influence us. Too much opportunity to mean something and to matter when it need not.

So the decision is an easy one. Execution definitely harder, but not complicated. 

Let it not matter. 

Events, people, circumstances, should not create stress or exert pressure – they should not be allowed to. 

They are passing clouds, they float by and soon they will not matter as they do now, so why let them?

Why let them matter when soon they will not be of consequence or influence? 

We love to think in terms of how things should be, not what they are. We make judgements on appropriateness, validity, and notions and theories, and thoughts. How it should be. But should it really? Can we let go of should and just accept what is, and how it is? Not create internal pressures from the opinion that, since things are not “as they should”, we do not have to change it, not have to alter the course and force an outcome. Allow ourselves, actually give ourselves permission, to just not let it matter.

Because then we don’t have to do anything about it. It just is and it really is perfect, where we are and how we are. 

Where we are, how we are is perfect; things play out in the cosmic flow of life anyway, we’re not going to stop it or alter it, and if we allow ourselves to let it not matter, today improves. 

Right now changes powerfully and the preoccupation with things we make matter is replaced by freedom to focus on other things, on just relaxing into everything and letting it be, letting it not matter.

The weather is the weather, we can try and predict it, we can comment on it when it happens but the weather will happen, it’s not bothered with what we think about it. Winds will blow and clouds will rain. Accepting life happening is like accepting the weather and just taking an umbrella when you need one. 

It’s life’s cosmic flow happening and it’s perfect in its way. It is and what should doesn’t matter. 

And breathe it out.

Making it not matter is vital for inner wellbeing. 

Cancer is as much a disease of the mind as it is a disease of the body.

Making things matter when they shouldn’t trap that energy in our being, in our psyche. We attach meaning and, more often, negative meaning at that.  And there is slow suffocation, the fresh, cleaning soul oxygen is throttled and clogging dirt clings to our vital life force.

Our inner being, our pneuma, is splattered with this and our driving energy is contaminated. Disease flourishes. 

Breathe clean life into it again by taking away the negativity’s source of existence. 

Making the things that the mind makes matter, not matter, letting it go, setting it free.

Infinite possibilities exist, let them happen. Allow them to be and thrive, free from the suffocation of negative attachment. 

Where attention goes, energy flows. Where we focus our life of thought, there we send the energy of life. Our machine cannot run on dirty, contaminated fuel. We don’t have to clean the fuel, it’s already clean in its basic form, our polluted thought additives dirties the fuel and energy of life is set up to let disease prosper.

Withholding the dirty additives is all it takes. You know you are no longer the contributor of the dirt.

Making it not matter removes that. 

Explore that, make it not matter – you are infinite possibilities again.